4 Benefits of Our Gutter Guard Service

Although cleaning your gutters may not seem like a crucial task, doing so periodically protects your home and can even help keep away pests. Here are four benefits of our gutter guards for your home.

Prevent Water Damage

When your gutters or downspouts are full of debris, rainwater isn’t able to drain properly. This may lead to water overflow from the gutters which can cause damage to both the interior and exterior of your home.

Prevent Pest Infestation

When leaves accumulate in gutters and downspouts, they can attract rodents, insects, and birds. This may create an unwanted hotspot for pest infestation on your home’s exterior.

Reduce the Risk of a Cracked Foundation

Overflowing gutters stop water from flowing away from your house and instead allow it to pool around the home’s basement and foundation. If left unchecked, this water will expand and freeze during the colder months, causing your foundation to crack.

Minimize Your Repair Costs

Ensuring that your gutters are professionally cleaned at least 1-2 times a year, depending on the climate where you live, is essential to keeping them free from accumulating debris. The care and maintenance you put in today can help to minimize your repair costs for unplanned pests,  water damage, or foundation issues that could occur.

Parker Pest Control is here to help! Our Gutter Guard sits on top of your gutters to easily protect them from leaves, pests, and other debris. This service includes the installation of the guard as well as a full cleaning for your gutters.

Now that you know the importance of clean gutters, what’s next? Reach out to us—visit our website or call (800) 324-BUGS (2847)— to receive a free estimate on our gutter guard service.

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