About Us

Innovative and Aggressive Pest Control Solutions. Since 1963!

Innovative ideas = better solutions. It’s all part of our company history.

The Slogan was…Parker Pest Control “The Pied Piper of Ponca City.”
Parker Pest Control was considered the Pied Piper of Ponca City. The first outdoor advertising sign used by Parker Pest Control was located on North 14th Street in Ponca City, Oklahoma, and remained in place for many years.

Dick Parker performed much of his research at the home office and captured wild rats and mice to develop a better rat bait. The bait contained all “food grade” products which resulted in better acceptance from rodents. After seeing the excellent results of using it in the Pest Control Business, Parker decided to market Parker Rat Bait Wholesale and Retail.

Parker invented a Lawn Spray applicator that could be used in Oklahoma’s high wind without the risk of the herbicides drifting onto desirable plants and causing damage.

Tree and shrub spraying was a specialty business that helped the company grow.

In the beginning, Parker used primarily part-time college help in the busy season.

After starting and running the business out of the home for a few years, Parker bought an office and warehouse building on North 14th in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

In the late 60s Parker sold retail products out of the office on 14th street.

In 1976 Parker purchased 4 acres of land and built a beautiful new corporate office facility at One Parker Place, off lake road in Ponca City.

Today, that building is still our main office and supports all of the other offices in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Training and Qualifications

At Parker Pest Control, we like to keep our company familiar and as user-friendly as possible. When we make our decisions, it is the company’s policy to insure that we keep you informed.

We are a Community Involvement Company. We are Associated with many fine organizations to make sure we are highly trained.


Our company is all about solutions… solutions to pest problems.

When we say, “Whatever it takes”… we mean just that.

Pest Control is an ever-changing industry. By using tools available today such as the internet we are able to stay on top of pest control issues.




Richard L. Parker was recognized by the Oklahoma Pest Control Association for his many contributions & invaluable dedication to the pest control industry.

Brad Parker receives the 2008 Governer Brad Henry’s Commendation of
Outstanding Business Leader of the Year Award.