FleasAs if being bitten wasn’t enough of a reason.

Fleas can transmit disease organisms for bubonic plague, murine typhus, tularemia, and tapeworm.

Over time, fleas can render a pet anemic, and severely infected pets may need treatment by a veterinarian.

These pests also bite humans. Getting rid of these pesky critters from your home, especially if your pets frequent areas with carpeting, can be particularly difficult.

We now have a new incentive for controlling fleas-allergies. We already know that some people experience a strong allergic reaction when bitten by a flea. The proteins in the flea’s saliva cause this. Now USDA researchers in Gainsville, Florida, have shown that allergy-prone individuals react positively to flea body parts, shed skins, feces, and flea eggshells. For years, scientists have been aware of a similar allergic reaction to cockroaches and dust mite feces and body parts.

Entomologists say that this finding could make a difference for people who have been diagnosed as allergic to cats. They may not be allergic to cats at all, but to the cat’s fleas. This would explain why some people seem to be allergic to another person’s dog or cat, but not to their own. As flea debris builds up in an infested home, it can become part of the allergen load in household dust.

Consider These Tips:

  • Inspect your home, paying particular attention to the pet’s resting area, and carpeted areas where the pet frequents.
  • Vacuum carpeting, baseboards, furniture, and pet’s bedding often. Seal vacuum bags and dispose of them immediately.
  • Have your pet treated by a veterinarian as often as needed.
  • While the pet is removed from the house is a good time to wash the pet’s bedding and treat infected areas, inside and out.


Treatment Consists of 4 Steps:

  • Treat the yard, where the source of the infestation is
  • Treat all floor surfaces and furniture
  • We use a product that is a combination of adulticide and ovicide.
    This kills the adults and prevents the eggs from pupating into
    the adult biting stage.
  • Customers perform topical application of insecticide to all dogs and cats
  • Provide 90-day warranty, which will usually last through one complete flea season