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Is Termite Damage Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

As a homeowner, termites can be your worst nightmare.

Most homeowners pay substantial premiums every year to allow for financial protection in case unexpected structural surprises come about.  Since homeowners insurance is not the most entertaining topic, many of us go about our lives with the expectation that as long as we keep our insurance and mortgage payments up to date, everything will be just fine.  But is that really the case – particularly when it comes to the structure of your home being eaten by termites?

Does homeowners insurance cover termites?

It would be helpful if they did.  According to the National Pest Management Association, termite damage equates to $5 BILLION dollars in property damage annually – which is generally NOT covered by homeowners insurance.  These tiny insects need only a small crack in your foundation to pass through and begin feasting on the wooden structure of your home. Damage caused by termites can be expensive and time-consuming, so it’s best to keep them out. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent termites from attacking your home.

These tiny insects need only a small crack in your foundation to pass through and begin feasting on the wooden structure of your home. Damage caused by termites can be devastating but the good news is, that it can be prevented.

It is because of these termite damage prevention methods that you are not likely to get any help from your insurance carrier if you get an infestation and damage to the structure of your home due to termite infestation.

Will my insurance provider cover termite damage to my home?

We researched the top Oklahoma homeowners insurance providers to find out.  Here is what we discovered.

State Farm

No.  In a United States court of Appeals case, State Farm claimed:

f. We do not cover loss caused by: (1) inherent vice, wear and tear or deterioration. (2) rust, rot, mold or other fungi. (3) dampness of atmosphere, extremes of temperature. (4) contamination. (5) vermin, termites, moths or other insects.


Nationwide does not offer termite coverage with their homeowners insurance policy.  They recommend using a termite monitoring service (such as ours) which allows a professional termite treatment specialist to keep an eye on your property to ensure the ongoing prevention of termite infestations.


Allstate does not cover property damage caused by termite infestations.


According to the insurance companies we were able to find that specifically discuss termite damage, there is a good chance that termite damage will not be covered if an infestation leads to structural damage to your home or property.

Most of the insurance companies consider termite damage to be something that you can detect and prevent early-on, and since termite damage can take years to show, it is ultimately the homeowner responsibility to ensure that termites are not eating away at their home.

If you or a loved one have reason to suspect termites may be eating away at your structure, contact your nearest Parker Pest Control branch and one of our pest control professionals can help you with a plan to avoid termite disaster.



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