Protecting Your Attic from the Brown Recluse Spider

The Brown Recluse spider is an unwanted pest that can take up residence in your home if your humble abode is not properly maintained. Here are our tips on prevention and treatment to keep your home pest-free. 

About the Brown Recluse

The Brown Recluse is a venomous spider that lives in and around building structures in central and southern states. They’re sometimes called “fiddleback spiders” because of the dark fiddle-shaped marking on top of their head. They’re most active from April to October, but can be found in the home any month of the year. 

These pests reside in many areas of the house including wall voids, crawl spaces, under tack strip carpets, cardboard boxes, drawer wells, closets, storage rooms, ceiling voids, attics, and numerous other locations. They’re generally true to their name and tend to be reclusive, hiding in tucked away places, and are rarely aggressive or bite. 


Aerosols, insecticides, and repellents do not work on this pest. To prevent the Brown Recluse from settling in your home, reduce the areas that they could live by removing all empty cardboard boxes and sealing full boxes. Keeping areas generally decluttered and sealed off can also help with prevention. 

Having a properly insulated attic will efficiently heat and cool your home as well as keeping these unwanted pests away. The gaps in your home’s foundation, windows, and doors can be an entry point for unwanted pests. With the help of Parker Pest Control’s attic insulation, you can prevent and protect your home from the Brown Recluse. For an extra layer of defense, consider a boric acid infused insulation that’s flame retardant and works as an antiseptic insecticide. 


Unfortunately, more than 50% of homes in Oklahoma have some degree of a Brown Recluse infestation. If you suspect an invasion of these unwanted pests, it’s essential to contact a professional pest organization that can do a detailed inspection and create a service plan for treatment. 

The qualified professionals at Parker Pest Control can make the proper identification, examine your home’s structure, place spider traps, and monitor the pest population. We also provide a quarterly service and monitoring program to ensure that this pest is eliminated. 

Parker Pest Control Inc. wants to help keep every corner of your home—from attic to foundation—free from pests. Call us today at 800-324-BUGS(2847) or visit us online for any and all questions about our services.

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