There is geological evidence that the cockroach was around during the time of the dinosaur. That gives you some idea of how resistant these creatures are to eradication. Over 3500 species of cockroaches exist in the world. Luckily in Oklahoma, there are only four species that live and breed in restaurants and homes. Cockroaches have been implicated in salmonella food poisoning, they have also been known to harbor staphylococcus, streptococcus, coliform, and other bacterial pathogens. Not only do roaches spread disease, but many people who are allergic to house dust, are also allergic to cockroach fragments. And cockroach dust can cause an attack in asthmatics.

In most cases, Parker Pest Control Inc. will use a very fine boric acid powder. The powder is applied with a patented pressurized machine, that applies an electrostatic charge to the powder to give it the ability to cling to just about anything. This process assures complete elimination.

With Parker’s exclusive P.E.S.T.® (Pest Elimination Systems Treatment) program, houses are treated just one time and given a one-year warranty for German Roaches.

Most Commercial businesses require monthly applications.

For initial treatment of German Roaches
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How did I get roaches?

Roaches are easily transported by people. A pregnant German or brown-banded cockroach can come from a cardboard box, a grocery bag, a purse, or just about anything you or someone else might bring into your home or business.

Roaches can flatten their body in such a manner, that they can travel and hide almost anywhere.

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