Spider Steps

7-Step Preparation Guide to Get Rid of Brown Recluse Spiders

A certain amount of preparation is required by the homeowner…Here is a list of what is needed to provide you with our service! Please make the initial preparation needed so that our service can be the most effective. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us to get the fastest response.

  1. Remove all items from under beds and place them on top of beds.
  2. Remove all items from clothes closets, both clothing and all other items in the closet. These may also be placed on beds.
  3. Remove all light switches and electrical plates for treatment into wall voids.
  4. Remove all items from lower cabinets and shelves and out from under all sinks in the kitchen and bathrooms.
  5. Pull out all drawers from the chest and stack them ( leave drawer wells accessible for treatment).
  6. Seal all cardboard boxes with packing tape (including those stored in attics, garages, home, and outbuildings). Move toward eliminating cardboard boxes and replacing them with plastic storage containers with tight-fitting lids.
  7. Remove all items from linen closets and drawers.

NOTE: After initial treatment, you could see even more spiders than before for about 30 days.



 If brown recluses are not effectively controlled after this initial period, the price of the last service rendered will be completely refunded and extra services will be made until no more brown recluses are seen or trapped. The client is requested to provide a specimen for positive identification.