Training and Education

Anybody Can Use Insecticides and Set Traps…

Training & Education Are The Difference Between Your Pests Being Eliminated & The Pests Winning the Battle

Pest Control education and training is one of Parker Pest Control’s most valuable tools. It keeps us informed of future problems, as well as today’s pest control issues.

Pest Control technicians are required to go through rigorous classroom and on-the-job training and then pass a “service technician” exam. Within their first year of employment, they must then pass a written and practical exam to become a “Certified Applicator”. Very few pest control companies require their technicians to become Certified Applicators.

The training is ongoing at Parker Pest Control. Technicians are sent to many hours of training seminars and accrue “certified education units” (C.E.U.’s). This allows us to offer you the most effective and knowledgeable pest control available. Keeping informed about pest control issues just makes good sense!

Pests don’t stand a chance with Parker Pest Control’s knowledge and service in your corner.

We want to keep you, your family, your home, and/or business,
Safe and FREE from Pests…It’s not a job for us… it’s what we do!!!

Pest Control issues have changed over the years just as our environment has, and pests have become immune to OTC products, sprays, and other products, allowing new stronger variations to develop.


Education of the opponent is absolutely essential to elimination.

That is one reason why our training is ongoing. Our motto is “Whatever It takes!”
We mean that we will do whatever it takes to rid you of pests, rodents, bed bugs, termites, and any other pests you may be dealing with.
Since 1963, Parker Pest Control has taken aggressive and pioneering steps in the pest control industry!