Why You Should Always Leave Pest Control to the Pros

If you spot a pest in or near your home, your first reaction is probably to Google “how to get rid of ants/spiders/rodents/etc.” DIY information is readily available on the internet and at-home pest control products can be easily purchased at most grocery or hardware stores. But some things should be left to the professionals.

Read on for a list of reasons why you should always let the pros handle your pests.

We know how to do it safely.

“Bug bombs”, also called total-release foggers (TRFs), are a common go-to for many DIY homeowners. Bug bombs use an aerosol propellant to fill a space with insecticide, which then settles on any exposed surfaces or objects.

Foggers can be incredibly dangerous. A CDC report of bug bomb-related illness across 10 states found 3,222 injuries, 20 of which were life-threatening with four fatalities. Risks associated with bug bombs include:

  • Inhalation of dangerous chemicals. This is especially common for homeowners who re-enter their homes too soon after using a fogger. People with asthma or other respiratory illnesses are at an increased risk.
  • Risk of explosion or fire. Aerosol propellant is highly flammable. The pilot light from a stove or furnace, or a spark from an electrical appliance, can easily cause an explosion.
  • Exposure to toxic pesticides. Since the fog settles on any exposed surfaces, there’s a significant risk of pesticide poisoning, especially for children and pets.

Not only are bug bombs incredibly dangerous, but the pests themselves can also pose a safety hazard. For example, rodents can transmit diseases to humans if handled incorrectly, and an angry wasp nest is something no one wants to stumble upon without the proper safety gear.

We know how to do it correctly.

At-home pest solution companies talk a big game when it comes to their effectiveness! After all, you want to know that the work you’re putting in is going to have some results. Unfortunately, many of these claims are just a marketing ploy. According to a North Carolina State University study, the bug bombs tested were completely ineffective at eliminating roaches.

Like our team at Parker Pest Control, a professional pest control company has the experience and expertise needed to properly eliminate pests. We provide extensive classroom and on-the-job training to our employees, ensuring that our clients have the best pest control available! Many of our services are covered under warranty and we vow to do whatever it takes to get rid of your pests.

The team at Parker Pest Control is proud to be Oklahoma’s source for effective pest solutions, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Visit our website to learn more about our services or get in touch with us!

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