Lawn Care FAQ

Why the Pink color?

One of the major problems for many years has been uneven coverage. By using a photosynthetic red dye in our chemical tank as a tracer, we can tell where we have been and assure ourselves at a glance that we are getting good coverage. This dye breaks down and disappears under sunlight and moisture. The grass will stay colored from one to three weeks, and the cement returns to its original color in a matter of days.


Why not do it myself?

If you consider the time you spend and the cost of the chemicals and equipment needed, you will find the Parker Lawn Program is more cost-efficient. Many homeowners may spend less doing their own lawn, but they also do much less. And also, don’t forget – our work has a money-back guarantee – yours doesn’t.


What about other pests?

Lawn care isn’t our only service. Parker’s can provide you with complete service for insects that attack and damage trees and shrubs, as well as insects that invade your home. Parker Pest Control Inc. is a “full-service company.”


Will the treatment control all the pest weeds?

No program will control every single weed in your lawn, but we can control most of them. You will notice a considerable improvement. The best weed control is to have strong, healthy turf. Parker’s Lawn Program does just this for you.


Will my lawn look like a golf green when you’re through?

Don’t expect miracles, but we can give you dramatic results. Depending on what type of grass you have and the condition of your turf when we start on the program will be two of the many deciding factors on results. If your lawn is in bad shape when we start the 5-step program, it might take more than one season to produce a beautiful lawn. If your lawn is already in good shape and you follow all our recommendations on watering and mowing, our 5-step program will give you the appearance you want and much more.


Is the treatment safe for my pets and plants?

Pets and people should be kept off the lawn until the chemicals have had a chance to dry (two hours or more). Herbicides must be used with extreme caution around flowers, shrubs, and trees. Parker Pest Control Inc.’s exclusive equipment, which we have been developing since 1963, protects your plants. The Parker Lawn Application, which we have developed at a considerable expense, prevents weed killers from drifting onto your valuable plants. No other system gives you this kind of protection.


Why Parker’s?

Parker Pest Control Inc. has pioneered the residential lawn care service by solving problems that our competitors seldom mention, such as drift control, even coverage, and selective use of herbicides. Each lawn is different and requires a close and honest examination to select the right program for your lawn’s needs